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  • Easy Fuzzy matching using PHP (2011-06-16 - Geert Vandeweyer)

    Fuzzy matching is a very powerfull way of correcting for user input, for example if you need to match a user provided keyword against options in a database. In this particular case you can use the ...

  • Image Antialias with php-gd on ubuntu 10.04 (2011-11-07 - Geert Vandeweyer)

    After moving a webserver from a good old and non-flexible sles10 server to Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, I noticed that some PHP generated charts were not showing up, complaining about a missing Anti-alias fun...

  • Activate web form with slider using javascript (2011-11-07 - Geert Vandeweyer)

    Since captchas can be a pain to decipher, I wanted to use a different type of form activation. I used the carpe_slider package from