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Running Cromwell on AWS/Batch
- Posted: 2018-11-21.

Parallel mysql myisam repair
- Posted: 2018-11-21.

Does a TKI like Crizotinib kill tumor cells ?
- Posted: 2018-10-28.

Save Spotify to flac or mp3
- Posted: 2018-07-14.

Replace all symlinks by the original file
- Posted: 2018-03-02.

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  • Dos2Unix conversion with MAC support (2011-06-05 - Geert Vandeweyer)

    One of the major issues with people uploading text files to web-based services is that you never now the exact line endings in the file.  There is Dos, UNIX and MAC based.  dos2unix conve...

  • Converting EndNote to BibTex (2011-09-01 - Geert Vandeweyer)


    Converting end note references to bibtex is a pain. However, some steps can be automized to make it a least bearable. The steps below are no guarantee the result will be perfect, but ...