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Running Cromwell on AWS/Batch
- Posted: 2018-11-21.

Parallel mysql myisam repair
- Posted: 2018-11-21.

Does a TKI like Crizotinib kill tumor cells ?
- Posted: 2018-10-28.

Save Spotify to flac or mp3
- Posted: 2018-07-14.

Replace all symlinks by the original file
- Posted: 2018-03-02.

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  • General Queue Job to SLURM Cluster script (2011-06-16 - Geert Vandeweyer)

    This script allows you to queue jobs on a SLURM cluster without writing custom batch-scripts.  The script takes the provided command and functions as a generic batch-script.  It then laun...

  • commandline timer with osd_cat output (2011-07-19 - Geert Vandeweyer)

    This simple timer script is executed from the commandline and takes two inputs. First a timer name, second a time indication in hours and/or minutes. 

    It sends output to the screen usi...

  • General Queue Job to Torque/PBS Cluster Script (2012-07-18 - Geert Vandeweyer)


    Similar to the SLURM script I posted earlier, this script allows to submit jobs to PBS/torque without the need of writing qsub scripts. Just put the following script in your path as ...

  • Compress all fastq/vcf files in a storage tree with a single command (2013-03-06 - Geert Vandeweyer)

    this was my command of the day: \"Laughing\"

  • Bash oneliner: Sum Disk Usage for files based on age (2014-06-13 - Geert Vandeweyer)

    Command of the day : Get a recursive disk usage for files older than a specified age. 



    find . ...
  • warning setting locale failed (2016-03-31 - Geert Vandeweyer)

    The following two commands fix the messages upon ssh-login to remote hosts regarding missing locale variables.


    The Errors: 

  • Recovery of corrupt XFS partition. (2016-05-10 - Geert Vandeweyer)

    We had a large XFS partition that went corrupt after a memory hardware failure. Containing 45Tb of data and no backups, we were eager to retrieve the data in some way. 



  • Replace all symlinks by the original file (2018-03-02 - Geert Vandeweyer)

    This is a quick command to replace a folder with symlinks by the target files. The original files are not removed.