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I guess everybody gets this feeling once in a while... You are facing a particular problem you already solved in the past, but you just can't rember how you did it. So you start all over again, scan the internet for tips & tricks, and after hours of wasted time you probably have the exact same solution as you had a few months ago. Then a year later, facing the exact same problem, you're thinking: hmm... I do think I already had a solution for this...

And that's why I decided to put those solutions online, mainly for my own reference, but perhaps someone will find these snippets of use. If you have better or more elegant solutions, feel free to leave comments! I've sorted them into some categories and add the mighty tags for easy navigation and better search results :-)



  • Name: Geert Vandeweyer
  • Birthday: January 20, 1983
  • Living: Kapellen, Belgium
  • Past Activities Years of scoutism; Passive interest in various styles of music


  • High School: Sint-Michiels College, Brasschaat
  • University: University of Leuven : Bio-Engineer in Cell And Gene Biotechnology
  • University: University of Leuven : Advanced Master in Bio-Informatics
  • PhD: University of Antwerp: Detection and Interpretation of Genomic Structural Variation in Patients with Cognitive Disorders.


  • 2013-current:University of Antwerp: FWO Post-doctoral Fellowship: Deciphering hidden inheritance patterns using advanced data mining techniques on high throughput genomic data
  • 2011-2013: University of Antwerp: Post Doctoral Researcher in Bio-Informatics: Implementation of Next-Generation Sequencing Data analysis in the context of medical genetics.


  • Programming Languages: Perl, Python, MatLab, R, PHP, BASH
  • Database Management:SQL, MySQL
  • Linux Administration:Ubuntu/Fedora/Gentoo/SLES/...; HPC Clustering using Torque/PBS and DRMAA-perl interfaces
  • Bio-data-analysis Illumina Genotyping/CNV and Expression applications; Ensembl/UCSC data structures ; Next-Gen Resequencing, Galaxy, CLC-Bio

Digital Whereabouts


  • Work Related
  • CNV-WebStore : Online CNV Analysis and Interpretation Platform
  • BITS : BioInformatic Tools collection for daily routine Automation
  • VariantDB : A flexible annotation and filtering portal for NGS data
  • pBRIT : A Gene Prioritization portal
  • WiNGS : Successor of VariantDB
  • Private Projects
  • ROS1ders.Be : Belgian ROS1+ NSCLC fundraising effort
  • Updates over mijn gezondheid : Blog on my wifes experiences a a ROS1+ NSCLC patient

Scientific Bibliography


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